Tens I-Tech T-One Physio

T_One_physio138 prg + 18 free memories


  • Medical device with graphic display and four independent channels
  • 4 connection cables (8 electrodes connectables)
  • User manual and electrodes positions manual
  • 24 electrodes
  • Iontophoresis kit
  • 4+4 rechargeable batteries with battery charger
  • Travelling bag

Our R&D and planning departments developed this new device to meet physiotherapists's increasing requirements.

T_One_physio_boxA complex feasibility study and an operative planning allowed to create the smallest and most powerful device that is able to generate specific waveforms for medical purposes: Denervated muscles, TENS, NEMS, FES, Iontophoresis, Diadinamic, CP, LP, HVPC, Interferential, Kotz waves, Neofaradic, Osteogenesis.

Microtechnology allowed to use an electronic board on a portable device in order to create programs for denervated muscle stimulation with a very low energy consumption, a longer batteries life and with high power generator.

The rechargeable batteries system permits therapist to use T-ONE PHYSIO both in medical centre and outside.

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  • Four independent channels for the connections of 8 electrodes;
  • Constant current generator (can guarantee a constant current even when skin condition changes, the device automatically stops in the event of accidental electrodes disconnection);
  • Compensated biphasic square wave: current quantity from positive pole to negative one is constant to avoid hazardous thermal effect of polarization;
  • Monophasic wave generator (only for iontophoresis and microcurrent programs)
  • Diadinamic, Interferential, high - voltage, Kotz, Neofaradic, Osteogenesis wave;
  • User feedback: T-ONE PHYSIO recognizes patient connection;
  • Soft-touch easy to use keyboard;
  • On - line guide on display for fast instructions;
  • 4 rechargeable batteries AA size 1,2 V or 1,5 Volt;
  • Different EMS treatments for man and woman;
  • Completely setting device;
  • Maximun intensity 240 mApp, with 0,5 mA step regulation;
  • Medical device certificated CE0476.


With T-ONE PHYSIO you can easily store your own low frequency tens programs (TENS endorphinic), high frequency tens programs (TENS rapid) and treatments to stimulate denervated muscles.

It is possible to store specific programs with 1/2/3 seconds slope to stimulate active muscles and partially denervated muscles, FES programs (incontinence), agonist/antagonist.

Thanks to its high efficiency microprocessor, T-ONE PHYSIO enables you to set: program duration, contraction time, contraction frequency, active recovery time, active recovery frequency, up and down slope.

All these features are directly available from T-ONE PHYSIO keyboard, without using any other instruments like personal computer.


26 WAVEFORMS 5 kinds of TENS, NEMS (microcurrent), Iontophoresis, MF and DF Diadinamic, Short Period, Long Period, HVPC (high - voltage), KOTZ, Neofaradic, Interferential.
25 REHAB PROGRAMS Denervated, partially denervated, Incontinence, Pain, Venous Insufficiency, Osteogenesis.
87 EMS PROGRAMS Toning up, Strength, Speed, Explosiveness, Capillarization, Drain up, Atrophy, Atrophy prevention.
18 FREE MEMORIES Denervated, TENS, Tens Spyke, EMS, FES, Agonist/Antagonist.