tergumed Line

Reduce back pain – groundbreaking technology

The five tergumed back training machines are optimally designed for the analysis and training of the muscles that stabilize the spine. The machines can be used in the early phase of therapy for patients with acute pain, but also for prevention and health-oriented fitness training.

The tergumed line is distinguished for its sophisticated craftsmanship, excellent precision and outstanding ease of use. The mechanical engineering of the machines permits exact adaptation to the patient's anatomical requirements and problem-specific conditions.

User-friendly adjustment options ensure fast, easy positioning of the patient/client in the training stations from the initial training position. All machines are designed so that users can get on and off of them independently.

Measuring sensors that analyze muscle strength and range of motion on all units facilitate isometric and dynamic muscle strength testing as well as range of motion testing.

At each station there is a laptop equipped with the tergumed test and training software, with which the measured data are entered and the training is controlled on the PC screen via a special biofeedback procedure.

Benefits for you

  • Top product quality and durability made in Germany
  • Timeless, attractive product design
  • Reproducible test and training positions
  • Independent positioning of the patient
  • Continuous adjustment from the initial training position