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Product Description

Fitmate MED is a unique portable Scientific Device that can measure Oxygen Consumption at rest and during exercise, it can perform Spirometry Evaluation and includes multiple prediction equations for Cardio-Vascular danger and Pulmonary Risk analysis. In more detail, Fitmate Med performs the following tests:

    * Maximal oxygen uptake V02 (VO2max, real METS)
    * Classification of Exercise Capacity & Anaerobic Threshold
    * Resting Energy Expenditure
    * Full Spirometry (FVC, SVC, MVV etc.)
    * Multiple scores for Cardio Vascular and Pulmonary Risk analysis
    * Affordable, portable, compact & easy to use
    * Includes Body Composition and built-in application for individual Weight Management programs
    * Interface with External Stress ECGs

Technical Characteristics


    * Accurate Fitmate MED has been validated against the “gold standard” Douglas Bag technique for VO2 measurements at rest and during exercise.
    * Portable, Desktop-size Compact, light, battery or mains operating.
    * Built-in printer Integrated fast-thermal printer delivers high quality reports in a few seconds.
    * Self-Calibrating Auto-calibration in less than 20 seconds using room air. No need for special gases or tanks.
    * No warm-up time Plug it in, and Fitmate MED is ready for use.
    * No maintenance No on-site or self servicing required. Low-cost oxygen sensor replacement required after 12-18 months (automatic warning).
    * Quality Control Warnings and quality control messages (mask leaks, breathing pattern etc.) are displayed during the test.
    * Software Included Windows XP/ VISTA compatible software for data management, trends and exercise prescription and weight management.
    * Face Masks 5 sized masks are available for exercise testing and one universal size disposable mask with antibacterial filter for REE testing.
    * Optional oxygen saturation SpO2 finger probe available for both rest and exercise testing.

Fitmate Software


A full PC software package is included, allowing the download and analysis of test data from Fitmate MED for advanced data management:

    * Download data from Fitmate MED to PC
    * Show trends, progress and deterioration
    * Professional A4 or Letter format colour printouts.
    * Export Tests in different file format (ASCII, Excel etc.)
    * Daily caloric intake (USDA Database)
    * Compatible with any network on MS Windows environment

Clinical Applications

    * Actual measurement of Exercise Capacity and METs (not-estimated)
    * Pre-operative evaluation for surgical risk
    * Classification and prognosis of CHF (congestive heart failure)
    * Provision of objective selection criteria for heart transplant
    * Decision tool for heart transplantations
    * Differentiates Cardiac vs. Pulmonary limitations
    * Determination of the intensity for exercise training as part of Cardiac Rehabilitation
    * Measuring Resting Energy expenditure for providing optimal nutrition for recovery from illness and chronic health management
    * Obesity treatment, and diabetes type II prevention
    * Quantify severity and identify energy requirements for Respiratory disorders (COPD, Sleep disorders, Cystic Fibrosis)


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