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AMTI's AccuGait Optimized™ multi-axis force platform is a portable solution for quantifying human gait and balance. The AccuGait’s innovative, patented design is accurate, economical, and easy to use with AMTI's powerful NetForce / BioAnalysis software. The plug & play USB interface automatically synchronizes multiple platforms and eliminates external power supplies. AccuGait Optimized attains unprecedented levels of accuracy for measuring Center of Pressure, forces and moments, as well as dramatic reductions in crosstalk. This breakthrough in performance is made possible by AMTI’s unique precision grid calibration technology. This new level of accuracy enables clinicians to make better patient measurements, and enables researchers to perform better science based on more accurate input data.


Dimensions(WxLxH) 502 x 502 x 45.47 mm Mounting hardware Not Required
Weight 11.36 Kg. Sensing elements Hall Effect
Channels Fx,Fy,Fz,Mx,My,Mz Amplifier Built-in
Top plate material Composite Analog outputs Not Available
Temperature range -17.78 to 51.67°C Digital outputs 6 Channels
Interface USB 2.0 Device Synchronization Automatic; ultra-low jitter
Filters Fixed 100 Hz 3rd order analog Power Supply USB-powered, 380mA
Digital Data Rate 10 – 1000 data sets per second, user selectable
External Sync Signal Active = low volts, switch to ground Inactive = high volts, open circuit with internal pull up resistor. Protected to ± 10V. 1K Ohm input resistance.
Digital Data Transmission 32 bit floating point data containing 6 measurement channels, IEEE format
Computer Requirements USB 2.0 port, Windows 7/8/10, 1024 Mb RAM, 1.7 GHz
Software Force Platform Capacity NetForce™: up to 12 force platforms (USB hubs required) BioAnalysis™: up to 4 force platforms (USB hub required)
CE Certification CE Compliant – Medical Grade – Passed AAMI/ES 60601-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 #60601-1, IEC 60601-1, & IEC 60601-1-6

Channel Fx Fy Fz Units Mx My Mz Units
Capacity 445 445 1334 N 226 226 85 N-m

*Resultant moment capacity

Published specifications subject to change without notice.

Last modified:2020-09-01

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