Κανένα σετ εικόνων Κανένα σετ εικόνων
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AMTI's AccuPower™-Optimized (ACP-O) multi-axis force platform is a portable solution for dynamic movements like jump, weightlifting, drop landing, squat analysis and more. Equipped with wheels and a handle, you can take the ACP-O with you for data collections in classrooms, research labs, weight rooms, or court-side.

Setup is quick and easy. The plug & play USB interface automatically synchronizes multiple platforms and eliminates the need for external power supplies. No mounting necessary, just place the AccuPower™-Optimized plate on the ground. Four leveling feet allow the platform to be flat and stable on various surfaces.

High accuracy thanks to our patented Optima Technology. The AccuPower™-Optimized platform attains unprecedented levels of accuracy for measuring Center of Pressure (COP), forces, and moments, giving you reliable data whether you are a coach, clinician, or researcher.

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