Optima MMS400600HF

Κανένα σετ εικόνων Κανένα σετ εικόνων
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As the only Medically-Certified Force Plates on the EU market (Class 1m), AMTI’s Optima-MMS platforms are in a class of their own. Take the next step with us and use only medically-certified measurement devices for your clinical applications.

Conveniently-sized, this 40 by 60 cm plate is consistently our most versatile force platform. This high-frequency (HF) version features a low-mass composite top that provides excellent frequency response for dynamic activities, or improved performance for laboratories on upper floors. Ask about AMTI’s Modular Mounting System, which allows force plates to be easily repositioned for maximum flexibility.

The Optima-MMS features market-leading accuracy and repeatability, sharing the spotlight with our Optima-HPS platforms as the most advanced, most accurate force platform systems available.
Key performance features include:

Average COP accuracy of just a fraction of a millimeter (typically less than 0.2 mm)
Crosstalk values typically ±0.05% of applied load
Measurement accuracy ±0.1% of applied load*

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