Hand Performance Monitor

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Trigno Hand Performance Monitor

First Ever Hybrid Technology For Real-time Monitoring

of Muscle Forces, Muscle Fatigue, Grip Stability and Grip Strength

Miniature EMG Sensors & Hand Dynamometer Join Force

Intuitively provide comprehensive information on hand fatigue, hand strength and hand stability for human movement scientists and rehabilitation clinics

Complete Picture of Hand & Forearm Health

Consistent and easy-to-understand metrics generated from EMG & Dynamometery

Trigno Duo Mini EMG Sensors

Advanced, 2-channel EMG + IMU sensor with two of the smallest EMG sensing heads in the market.

Hand Dynamometer

Combine force and EMG measurements for a complete picture of strength performance with the Trigno Duo

Trigno HPM

Hand Grip Strength

Quantify grip strength and identify muscle imbalances to obtain the complete picture of hand performance





Reliable measurement of muscle forces, muscle fatigue, grip stability, and grip strength.


Ready to print results.

Real-world applications

Hand Dysfunction, Hand Stability and Iso-metric strength training.

Hands-on tools

Walk through video instructions to detailed user’s guide for quick setup to printing reports.

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