Magstim Horizon® Performance

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A comprehensive TMS therapy system. The Horizon Performance features the new E-z Cool Coil with an Intelligent coil cooling system which adjusts to the temperature of the coil providing uninterrupted protocols and a faster patient throughput.

Safe, secure & versatile, the E-z arm provides effortless maneuverability of the coil which can be held securely at almost any position.

Are your TMS patients receiving the correct dosage?

Horizon’s proprietary energy recovery system ensures consistent performance throughout treatment with no pulse decay, even at high power levels.

As The Brains Behind TMS™, we believe in delivering high performance, versatile, TMS solutions so that you can provide the best treatment for your patients.

The Horizon® Performance TMS therapy system combines a comprehensive, all-in-one TMS solution with our 25+ years of expertise to provide a versatile, complete TMS package.

Consistent performance pulse after pulse… year after year…

Performance | Proprietary Energy Recovery System delivers consistent stimulation throughout treatment

Effortless | Weightless, secure & versatile coil positioning

Versatile | Treat patients with a higher motor threshold and adjust power with no interruption to treatment protocol

Comfort | Optimized for patient comfort. Studies demonstrate better patient tolerance compared with other TMS systems1

Efficient | Increased cooling capabilities for maximum patient throughput featuring 19-minute protocol

Reliable | With over 30 years experience, we believe in developing optimum TMS solutions so that you can continue changing patients’ lives

Users in the USA, The Horizon® Performance is FDA 510(k) cleared for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in adult patients who have failed to achieve satisfactory improvement from prior antidepressant medication in the current episode.

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