The Magstim® 200²

Κανένα σετ εικόνων Κανένα σετ εικόνων
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The Magstim® 200² is a versatile, reliable, simple-to-use simulator for single-pulse stimulation.

Comprising of a single box, the Magstim 200² is capable of single pulse cortical* and peripheral stimulation up to 0.5Hz.

The Magstim® 200² is compatible with a wide range of Magstim® coils providing an extremely versatile stimulator for single-pulse stimulation.

  • Monophasic
  • Single Pulse
  • Cortical* & Peripheral Stimulation

Ideal for diagnostics, motor conditioning time, corticle mapping.

Users in the USA, The Magstim® 200² is FDA 510(k) cleared for the stimulation of peripheral nerves for diagnostic purposes. All other uses are considered investigational. In accordance with US federal regulations an IDE and/or IRB approval may be required.

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