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The principle of measuring the flow of current through the body (impedance) is dependent on the frequency applied. At low frequencies, the current cannot bridge the cellular membrane and will pass predominantly through the extra-cellular space.

Body Manager Program (included with the Bodystat®1500MDD)
The Body Manager Program is ideal when a client returns to be tested in order to track their changes in body composition over a period of time.

• Body Composition analysis in a 2-page summary report.

• Trend Report - enables a user to track body composition measurements and impedance values over a period of time. The user can also track changes in cholesterol, blood pressure, lung function, grip strength, flexibility, heart rate and waist/hip measurements.

• History Graph - enables a user to track the changing results of fat, lean, dry lean, water and impedance values in a separate easy to read line graph.

• Weight & Activity Manager - allows a user to develop a series of exercises in order to calculate the amount of kilocalories these will burn. This adjustment may then be incorporated into a user's own diet program. The number of weeks taken to achieve goal weight is automatically determined.

• Cardiac Risk Analysis - assessment of health status relating to lifestyle based on the largest study (The Framingham Study) of its kind in the world conducted in Massachusetts, USA. Factors include exercise levels, smoking, blood pressure, family history, etc.

The software provides a perfect opportunity to expose the client to “What-if?” scenarios. For example “What if you reduce your smoking from 40 to 10 cigarettes a day?” The screen displays the effects of potential lifestyle changes like this, in a colourful informative way. This provides the subject with an immediate incentive to make the hypothetical improvements real, especially when they get the printed report.

• Alternative Equations - these are available for competitive athletes, children 6 years and over and geriatrics and may be selected as required by the user to determine % fat and lean muscle levels. Alternative metabolic formulae are also included and the user has the option to select their own % fat ranges.

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