Tanita HD-366

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Exuding style, quality, and strength, the HD-366 is a first-class digital weight scale.  With an industry leading capacity of 440 pounds, it’s ideal for nearly all weighing needs.  Attention to detail is apparent, the oversized platform is made from heavy duty 8mm thick tempered glass giving the scale a substantial appearance and feel.  And the low-profile design make it safe and secure to stand on, it won’t easily tip if you happen to step on the edge of the platform.

Weight is accurately and instantly observed on the oversized blue backlit LCD display.  In fact, the display is easily read while standing fully upright, even without your glasses!  Tanita scales are known for their accuracy, and the HD-366 is no exception.  Reliable, consistent results are achieved time and time again when using this scale.  Operating on four AAA batteries (included) that last well beyond 2 years.

  • Extra-large weight capacity of 440 pounds
  • Heavy duty design, tempered glass, extra-large platform
  • Instant on, no tapping required to activate
  • Oversized single-line reverse blue backlit LCD
  • Exudes style, quality, and durability
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