Tanita PD-637 pedometer

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Tanita PD-637 Pace Pedometer

Extra accurate with its stride range function and extra motivational with its optional pace setter, as well as counting steps, distance & calories!

With its new funky look this pedometer could easily be mistaken for a fashion accessory, but it's actually the next generation pedometer from Tanita. Yet it is as simple and accurate as the original more basic Calorie Walk, so you just can’t go wrong.

Tanita Pace Pedometer At a Glance

This pedometer will have you keeping pace by walking to the beat

  • 50-200 beats per minute (can be silenced)

  • Extra accurate, set you stride length

  • Counts steps, distance, & calories. Clock & stopwatch functions

New Feature No.1: Stride Range

You can be more accurate than ever before by setting your stride between 2-60”/50-1524mm!

New Feature No. 2: Pacesetter

This is optional so you don’t have to have it on if you don’t want to. It works like the Tanita SyncWalk and you can set the discrete beeps between 50-200 per minute.

An excellent tool for anyone wanting to improve on their current fitness or progress from walking to jogging, as well as being motivational. This versatile function can also be used when doing any other form of exercise where you want to sustain or increase your pace, such as cycling, rowing or even when doing sit ups on your fitball!

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