Infrared Lamp WHF-312

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The main effect of infrared is the thermal effect on the treatment zone: the heat increases body temperature and this causes the metabolism tissues increase, capillary vasodilatation and muscular relaxation.

Infrared therapy is especially suitable for beauty treatments, tissues relaxation and renewal.
The diffused heat results as a delightful effect for patient that needs this kind of therapy.

Infrared antalgic effect is due to algogenic substances removal from pathological tissues and to contracted muscles relaxation.
Infrared therapy is used to cure muscular contractures, cervical and lumbar  osteoarthritis and bed sores.
Moreover infrared rays are very efficacious as training before kinesitherapy.

Bloodstream increase, after vasodilatation, moves in tissues a great quantity of nutritive substances, oxygen, white cells and antibody and makes easier catabolic removal.
These biological modifications improve tissues trophism and help tissue damages compensation.

Infrared WHF-312 is a medical device used to cure articular pains, both acute and chronic, thanks to his thermal effect that stimulates blood flow and tissues oxygenation.

With infrared WHF-312 you can also set the radiation intensity in order to control light transmission.
Moreover you can adjust therapy time from 10 to 60 minutes or in continuous, according to patient´s requirements and specific pathology.

250 Watt maximum output power allows a correct irradiating power, thanks to Philips hot light bulb technology.

WHF-312 is a medical device certificated CE1023.


  • Adjustable Timer 10-60 minutes or continuous
  • 250 Watt maximum output power (hot light bulb)
  • Medical Device  CE 1023
  • Adjustable Height
  • Weight (Main Body)    5 Kg
  • Size 1600x500mm
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