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Κανένα σετ εικόνων Κανένα σετ εικόνων
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PhysioMG 815 has been designed in collaboration with physiotherapists who specialize in magnetotherapy treatments. Based on their experience, a device was created which operation is simple and intuitive, and the built-in 3D Treatment Encyclopaedia allows the selection of the most effective treatment for individual disease entities.

Effective treatment

The right choice of pulse intensity and frequency, but also its shape, plays an important role in magnetotherapy. PhysioMG 815 allows you to choose from the following field shapes: rectangular, triangular, sinusoidal, pulsed, semi-rectangular, semi-triangular, semi-sinusoidal, pulsed unidirectional. They are applicable to various diseases (e.g. sinusoidal field for muscle diseases, triangular field for joint therapy).
Using PhysioMG 815 gives you a full range of treatment options, and the high magnetic field induction (greater field intensity inside the patient’s body for CP applicator) allows you to achieve great therapy effects.

Noticeable magnetic field impact

The magnetic field activity visual system is a specially designed set of sensory and visual indicators that inform about the presence of a magnetic field and allow patients to feel its effect through gentle vibrations (sensory indicator of magnetic field activity – magnetic strips). The illuminator (visual indicator of the magnetic field activity) enables you to indicate the area of the body undergoing therapy.

Modern technology

Devices from the PhysioMG series allow the use of therapeutic frequency changes (in the range of 0-50 Hz) during the treatment. This is the so-called Spectrum that increases the versatality of therapeutic treatments using magnetic field.
The user of the PhysioMG 815 unit can operate the device manually or use the built-in 3D Treatment Encyclopaedia presenting the most favourable treatment programs for a wide base of diseases. PhysioMG 815 has a 5-inch colour display with a touch panel.

Benefits for the therapist

Automatic device test

The modern PhysioMG 815 device is equipped with a practical Self-test procedure. It ensures the repeatability of the device’s operational parameters and guarantees the safety of its use, thanks to the automatic control of the device’s efficiency, each time it is turned on.

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