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Κανένα σετ εικόνων Κανένα σετ εικόνων
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PhysioMG 825 low-frequency magnetic field therapy device allows to carry out treatments comfortably in physiotherapeutic practice centers. PhysioMG 825 was created based on modern technological solutions that enable achieving excellent therapy effects.

Increased effectiveness of magnetotherapy

PhysioMG 825 device was created for maximum effectiveness in the magnetic field therapy. Therefore, next to the set of parameters commonly used in magnetotherapy, the PhysioMG 825 device is equipped with technology that allows the simultaneous use of two applicators, operating both locally and systemically (Dual Mode).
The device allows to obtain high intensity of the magnetic field, and the use of the therapeutic frequency change (Spectrum), in the range of 0-50 Hz during the treatment, make the effect even more comprehensive .

Activity indicator

Magnetotherapy is a non-invasive and even relaxing treatment. PhysioMG 825 allows patients to feel how the magnetic field affects the body through gentle vibrations (sensory indicator of magnetic field activity). In addition, the device is equipped with a visual indicator that determines the area of magnetic field impact (visual indicator of magnetic field activity).


Comfort during therapy

To make the magnetic field therapy a comfortable and relaxing treatment for patients, PhysioMG 825 works with a specially designed, stable magnetic field couch dedicated for a 60 cm solenoid applicator. It has a system that allows the applicator to be moved along its axis, which increases patient comfort and device operation.
Its construction has only materials that do not interfere with the magnetic field, and the ergonomic headrest allows patients to relax during the treatment.

Benefits for the therapist

One device – many possibilities

PhysioMG 825 works with applicators enabling the treatment of all diseases that can be effectively treated by the impact of alternating magnetic field. The device allows for the therapy with the use of solenoid applicators (CS60, CS35) and plate applicators (CP with a stand and CPEP). The device has two independent treatment channels, giving the opportunity to perform two treatments simultaneously using separate treatment parameters.

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