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Tens Mio Ionotens is the next generation equipment, which fully covers the needs of the professional thepapist and physiotherapist.


Ionophoresis is an electro-therapy technique that exploits direct current to introduce medication into the painful area or the contracted zone. The medication used must have negative and positive poles, and is consequently put onto the cathode or anode of the electrical appliance (the electrode is not directly in contact with the skin, as a sponge is placed in between). As the current is given off the medication is carried from one pole to the other and passes through the area affected by the disorder, releasing its active ingredient which acts with its typical physical-chemical properties.

The active ions cross through the skin barrier after the first 15 minutes of treatment, so sessions of at least 20 minutes are required, when the patient just feels a light tingling sensation.

Ionophoresis is the most widely used technique to introduce a drug into our organism through the skin. There are two advantages with this sort of treatment: there is no need to take medication orally, which causes problems of varying degree to the liver, stomach, kidneys, etc., and secondly the medication acts directly on the painful area (algia) caused by arthritis, arthrosis, sciatica, lumbago, cervical pains, torn muscles, etc., and other problems such as cellulite and adipose, giving very fast results. Ionophoresis is also used to treat male erection dysfunctions. For specific treatment, a specialised doctor or your GP should also be consulted first.

IPP: ionophoresis is used successfully in treating disorders with the male genital apparatus, for example IPP (Induratio Penis Plastica) or La Peyronie disease. This problem can affect men of over 50 years of age, and in shown by the penis being curved when it is erect, with subsequent pain and difficulty in sexual relations. These phenomena do not have any clear link to a trauma or other problem and appear gradually, and cause surprise and concern. There is a solution, it is sufficient to speak to your GP or a specialist without feeling embarrassed

  • 11 TENS PROGRAMS (for cervicalgy, sciatalgy, arthritis, epicondilitis, neuritis etc.)


2 channel electro-therapy with the innovative Safe RGB (Red-Green-Blue) system.

The different colour on the display shows 3 different conditions:
GREEN: Everything is OK
BLUE: Attention, you have exceeded the max. intensity by 2/3.
RED: Attention, there is a problem (electrodes/leads disconnected or worn).


  • Device
  • 2 connection cables
  • 4 AAA Size batteries
  • 8 electrodes
  • User manual
  • Carriage bag
  • 1 ionophoresis kit


  • Compensated biphasic square wave
  • Monophasic square wave
  • 2 independent channels
  • Maximum intensity 100mA
  • Keyboard safety lock
  • Medical device CE0476
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