PBAES High Performance Pro Hypoxic Generator

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The PBAES High Performance Pro Hypoxic Generator offers the latest technology in simulated altitude training and can be used with the PBAES Mask Based, Room Based, or Inflatable modules, or installed as part of a whole room.

POWERbreathe Altitude Systems (PBAS) has come about as a logical extension of the successful POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training System, which helps improve the strength and endurance of your breathing muscles, including the diaphragm and Intercostals, delaying the point at which the metaboreflex kicks in. PBAES has been developed to further delay the metaboreflex trigger point by training the body to become accustomed to limited oxygen. Working alongside leading international experts in Human Performance and Sports Science, as well as professionals with specialist knowledge and experience in Altitude Simulation equipment product development and production, HaB is pleased to announce the launch of the PBAES state of the art modular membrane technology, offering clients improved performance capabilities, flexibility, portability and affordability.

PBAES Mask Based Hypoxic Systems include the Pro and High Performance Systems:

PBAES Pro Mask Based Hypoxic System

This system s simple and easy to use, making it ideal for amateur and home users. The specification is ideal for passive pre-acclimatisation training prior to high altitude treks. Comes with Mask

PBAES High Performance Mask Based Hypoxic System

The pinnacle of Human Performance is reached by only the top most elite athletes; those who sacrifice so much as they endeavour to reach their goals. The PBAES Performance Flow Mask Hypoxic System now means that the benefits associated with Simulated Altitude Training are available to all, without costly, lengthy and disruptive overseas travel. Comes with 2 masks.

PBAES Mask Based Systems can be used to provide hypoxic air to some of our smaller inflatables. 

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