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The Quark CPET is the ideal solution for the assessment of physiological response to exercise. Its high quality components and super-fast analyzers assure unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and real breath-by-breath analysis of pulmonary gas exchange, even during high intensity exercise. The easy-to-use and intuitive software guides the user through calibration and test execution. The Quark CPET can be integrated with an optional 7-liter physical mixing chamber suitable for extremely high and low ventilation ranges. The Quark CPET is available in multiple configurations, including fully integrated 12-lead ECG Stress Testing, Canopy Nutritional Assessment, Pulse Oximetry and a wide range of ergometers.

Latest technology in gas analyzers. The Quark CPET is equipped with fast-response stable and durable paramagnetic technology for the O2 sensor, and rapid infrared for the CO2. Both analyzers assure long periods of accurate measurement without the need of periodical replacement.

Breath by Breath & Mixing Chamber. Both sampling technologies are available either during exercise or at rest.

CPET made easy thanks to OMNIA. OMNIA is the new generation of COSMED software designed for the entire COSMED product portfolio. The intuitive, visually appealing, and innovative user interface has simplified complex CPET procedures.

Low operating costs and easy maintenance. The Quark CPET is designed to reduce ordinary maintenance and to easily and quickly resolve any technical problem.

Independently validated. The Quark CPET is the only metabolic cart that has been validated on both gas exchange methods (Breath by Breath and Mixing Chamber), and the entire human physiological range (from resting to a wide range of exercise intensities).

Integrated diagnostic quality 12-lead Stress ECG. Available either in wireless or patient cable configuration, COSMED ECGs include full disclosure and scroll back during testing. High resolution ECG processing produces an exceptionally clear on-screen display and allows detailed, reliable analysis of ST segments and minimal arrhythmia changes. Available with Resting and Exercise ECG interpretation.

Wide selection of ergometers. COSMED offers a high quality range of treadmills, cycle-ergometers, arm-ergometers and recumbent bikes suitable for a broad spectrum of clinical and research applications.

Metabolic - CPET Breath-by-Breath (Standard)

   State-of-the-art breath-by-breath gas exchange data analysis (VO2, VCO2)

   Fast response paramagnetic O2 sensor

   Multi-use turbine flowmeter

   Multi-use silicone face masks with headgear for comfortable leak-free measurements

   Ideal method for research and clinical applications

Metabolic - CPET Mixing Chamber (Option)

   Physical mixing chamber for gas exchange data analysis (VO2, VCO2)

   Suggested for steady state protocols and exercise tests at low and high ventilation ranges

   Simplified set-up and calibration procedures

   Ideal method for sport science applications

Metabolic - REE with Mask (Standard)

   Measurement of oxygen consumption (VO2), carbon dioxide production (VCO2), together with other ventilatory parameters, and metabolism substrate utilization (%FAT, %PRO, %CHO).

   For spontaneously breathing subjects.

   For patients wieghing over 15kg.

   Multi-use turbine flowmeter

   Multi-use silicone face masks with headgear for comfortable leak-free measurements

   5 sizes (3 Adult and 2 Pediatric)

   Easy to clean and sterilize

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