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The new standard for body assessments

The most popular 3d body

Scanner in the world.


Visually show progress

3d avatars & reports

Show your members how their body is changing over time.

This interactive report is ready within 3 minutes on any phone, laptop, or tablet.


Visually show

Body transformation

Our “comparison overlay” feature that shows visual changes backed by body measurements.

Showing members how their bodies are changing keeps them more engaged & helps prove your program. Each of these reports turns into a case study for your brand.


Posture & balance

Fit3d also tracks posture & balance – great for aesthetics, physical therapy, & clubs training athletes for injury prevention.


Autonomous hardware

Self-service scans in 35 seconds.

Handles for safety & accuracy.

Integrated weight & balance scales.

15-minute setup.

Provide your members a baseline for their journey


Simple user reporting

Members love seeing themselves in 3d.

Reports delivered to your phone within 3 minutes.

Shows body composition values at each circumference measurement.


Seeing how your body changes over time is a powerful motivator for members.

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