Tanita MC 580

Λιπομετρητής Tanita MC 580Λιπομετρητής Tanita MC 580
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This portable body composition monitor MC-580 is the perfect device for client consultations on the move. As it is battery powered, it gives you the ability to use it wherever you want.

To get the most out of all body composition measurement data and the full segmental analysis, we recommend to use either the Tanita Pro app or Tanita Pro software for Windows.

This allows you to analyse, monitor and share body composition for all of your clients, enabling you to give personalised advice about their health, fitness or lifestyle.

Accuracy of the Tanita 4C reactance technology is proven by a validation paper from Pennington Biomedical Research Center (Louisiana State University).

Key features:

Latest dual frequency 4C reactance technology

10 measurements (segmental)

Portable (7,5 kg)

Battery & Adapter

Bluetooth integrated

Tanita PRO app, suitable for iOS and Android tablets (not phones)

Tanita Pro Windows software compatible (not included)

Max weight capacity 270kg

100g accuracy

3 years warranty

Connection to thermal printer via cable (not included)

Compatible with carry case for perfect fit (not included)

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