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* Resting Energy Expenditure (REE, RMR)
* Body Composition, Standard measurements and Weight Loss Program
* Desktop-size compact device with a large colour LCD screen and a in-built  printer
* Portable power supplied by mains or rechargeable batteries
* Provided with a powerful PC software to manage data, trends, diary diet and A4 reports
* Proven accuracy for research studies (validated in USA)
* Ideal for clinical treatment of obesity and weight management program for private practice


Technical Characteristics

Main Functions

Oxygen Consumption Resting Energy Expenditure, REE, RMR, BMR, EE (Kcal Day), VO2, VE, FeO2, Rf,

HR (optional)

Measurement Time 15 min (default), user defined

Additional Testing Body composition, Weight Management Program, Standard measurements

(blood pressure, waist and hip circumferences, resting heart rate, BMI...)

Software Features Data management, Daily caloric intake, Cardiovascular Risks analysis,


Sampling Type Dynamic Mixing Chamber (international patent)

Sampling Rate 30 sec

Oxygen Analyzer

Type GFC (Galvanic Fuel Cell)

O2 Measurement range 0-22%

Calibration Automatic on room air

Warm-up time None

Accuracy ±0.02%

Lifespan 12-18 months


Bidirectional digital turbine Ø 18mm

Ventilation range 0-50l/m

Flow resistance



Dimensions & Weight 24 x 20 x 8 cm / 1.5kg

Display Colour LCD 320 x 240 pixel

Printer High speed thermal printer 11 cm (4,3 in)

Standard Packaging Includes

Fitmate unit, RMR - Flowmeter, RMR masks (10 pcs), AC/DC Adapter, USB cable, Fitmate PC Software (CD-Rom), Skin-fold caliper,

Body meter, Fitmate pedometer, Oxygen sensor,

Available languages

Italian, English, German, Spanish, Greek, simplified Chinese, French, Dutch.

Safety & Quality Standards

Equipment complies with MDD (93/42 EEC);

EN 60601-1 (safety) / EN 60601-1-2 (EMC)

FDA 510(k) cleared.


Fitmate Software

Fitmate includes a powerful PC software running with Windows XP. Data can be downloaded from Fitmate device to a PC for data management, trends and cardiovascular risk analysis.


Software screenshots for Weight Management Program (left) and RMR - Resting Energy Expenditure (right).

Application Fields

Resting Energy Expenditure is used in a variety of settings including:

Obesity treatment, weight loss clinics, endocrinology, diabetes, cancer centers, malnutrition, metabolic syndrome

Intensive care, post operative, enteral and parenteral nutrition, burn patients

COPD, sleep disorders, pulmonary rehabilitation, home care, out patient clinics

Cardiology, post-transplant, catheterization laboratory

Sport medicine, preventive medicine and more

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