HR 001 Tanita Leicester Portable Height Measure

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The Measure is a free-standing, toughened plastic stadiometer allowing a standing-height measurement to be recorded almost anywhere. Suitable for pre-school through to adult use.
Easy to assemble and disassemble in seconds, all 4 pieces fit neatly into the footplate with a built in carry handle for added portability. The Leicester height measure comes with its own carrying case for ease of transport.
Comes with user guide to ensure accurate measurements are taken.

The measure is ideal for use in:

* Schools
* Hospitals
* Clinics
* Surgeries
* Research Surveys


Carry Case Size:  67cm x 36cm x 12.5cm

Measuring Range:  0-2.07 m        0 in - 81 1/2 in

Graduation:  1 mm / 1/8 in

Dimensions:  300 x 2200 x 250 mm


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