Idiag M360 - Precise, radiation-free back scan

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IDIAG M360 - Precise, radiation-free back scan

Identifies the essentials for individual back treatments.



Individual back scan for targeted therapies.

Optimised treatment outcome and reduced risks.


Therapy monitoring

Transparent patient information in the form of simple, easy-to-understand graphics.

Precise data on the spinal column’s geometry to document the treatment outcome.



Identification of any abnormalities via substantiated determination of back geometry, stability and mobility.

Generation of relevant clinical data for the development of successful therapies.

The reliable basis for targeted back treatments



  • Planning of therapy and training
  • Follow-up
  • User-defined checks
  • In-depth data analysis (expert mode)

Areas of application

  • Rehabilitative physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy practices
  • Medical training therapists


IDIAG M360checkup

The first step to a healthy back


  • Predefined checkups (Idiag Spine Check)
  • Simplified data analysis (Idiag Spine Score)
  • Training planner

Areas of application

  • Medical fitness centres
  • Company health management


Clearly laid-out standard and individual reports show the current state of the spinal column and document the outcome of the therapy.


The Idiag M360 was developed in close cooperation with Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany


The Idiag M360 is a CE-certified product and has been granted other international certificates.


This product with unique functionality is used by thousands of doctors and therapists, and in around 5000 clinics and health centres worldwide.


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