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A complete laboratory for clinical motion analysis

BTS GAITLAB is the result of 30 years of research and experience in this field and it’s the ideal solution for professionals performing clinical motion and gait analysis. Hundreds of laboratories all over the world use our technology and protocols, validated by the International Scientific Community for EMG, kinematic and dynamic motion analysis. BTS GAITLAB is the only motion capture system on the market using the most advanced technology which is designed and produced by the same company.

Everything in a single test

BTS GAITLAB supplies to the physician the quantitative information and objective data needed to identify and analyze walking and posture problems, load anomalies and muscle failure, which would not be measurable with normal clinical exams.

The digital synchronization of different analysis tools helps to simultaneously compare, frame by frame, the patient’s movements of limbs and muscles and force distribution on the surface during movement.

Global assistance and turnkey solution

Our remarkable experience in designing laboratories all over the world makes us strong providers for public health centers and private institutions of all necessary services related to the most efficient use of BTS GAITL.AB.

Our turnkey solution includes design, installation, training and support services to guarantee a fast, and high quality level of productivity for your laboratory, as well as a timely investment return.

The laboratory can be redesigned and expanded over time, third party hardware and systems can be implemented, according to any changing need.

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