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The FITLIGHT™  system is a wireless reaction training tool equipped with LED lights that are managed by our comprehensive tablet controller. The system of lights acts as targets that users need to deactivate during their training session, sending data back to the tablet for later analyzation. The system’s versatility allows them to be easily adapted and configured to meet the needs of all users and training regimes. This innovative training system accurately monitors performance by targeting reaction time, speed, agility, coordination, and much more. Each of these functions is measured for instant feedback. While the FITLIGHT™ training system is an advanced sports training equipment, it also exudes superior healthcare and tactical applications as well. In the realm of healthcare, the FITLIGHT™ training system can be used for rehabilitation purposes–improving range of motion, coordination, strength, gross motor function, etc. For tactical training, our FITLIGHT Trainer™ provides target drills and training regimes that are dynamic and effective. Suitable agility training equipment for all ages, the FITLIGHT Trainer™ is completely revolutionizing the world of fitness.

Our core products–the FITLIGHT Trainer™ and the FITLIGHT Jr.™ –are agility and athletic training equipment that features adaptability, versatility, and durability throughout each routine. With unique, patented technology, the FITLIGHT™ training systems completely enhance workouts while strengthening the connection between the brain and the body. Both the FITLIGHT Trainer™ and the FITLIGHT Jr.™ are truly the most ideal and rewarding sports and agility training equipment. Unlike competitors, FITLIGHT™ completely transforms the workout experience by putting a sharp focus on reaction and response times, cognitive training, physical training and more. With real-time data feedback, users are able to pinpoint the areas where they need improvement while learning the areas they excel in. Our core products are easy to use, adaptable to sport and training needs, and utilized by countless elite pros.


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