Vertimax: Athletic Performance Training Equipment

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Offers constant resistance with rubbers in the hall range of movement.

Allocates 17 functional patents that offer astonishing mobility, for optimisation of neuromuscular parameters of training of speed and adaptations.

The resistance that can be applied with different combinations of tens and in different muscular teams provides the possibility of implementation a great variety of dynamic exercises for the all body.

It constitutes the best means of explosive power growth and speed

It Is ideal for the progressive functional re-habilitation and intensification

Veritmax can: Improve Athletic Records .It is the absolute tool for speed growth in a short period of time, improvement of explosiveness and vertical jump ability (elements essential in most sports), increase of plyometric stimulus at training.

Vertimax Constitutes a Multifaced Tool for Personal Trainning. The possibility of gradation of resistance, as well as the application of resistance in different points of body, render Vertimax ideal for the growth of functional force and resistance. Thus, with the help of Vertimax a big number of functional exercises for the all body can be executed, beginning from low level and increasing progressively the degree difficulty.

While used for Muscular Re-establishment and Intensification, Vertimax platform offers the possibility of implementation one a great number of exercises of closed or open kinetic chain, for the improvement of neuromuscular co-ordination, and functional re-establishment.

Vertimax is addressed to all force trainers, speed or personal trainers, who want to improve athletes records, who work on muscular force, force, explosiveness, resistance in force.

Vertimax can also be a valuable tool for physiotherapists, physiologists, and doctors, because it helps improve functional re-establishment and reintroduction of force in wounded members, using a big range of functional exercises, with constant load through the hall range of motion

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