Optojump Next (Vertical Jump measurments)

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 OptoJump NEXT is an instrument for work and analysis which makes it possible to measure the athlete’s performance.

Its optical acquisition system allows the measurement of contact and flight times during a series of jumps to a precision of 1/1000s. It consists of two bars with embedded instruments (size 100x4x3 cm), one containing the control and reception unit, the other the transmission unit. Two or more bars can be connected together to increase the length of the track used for measurement as desired.
OptoJump can also be used in combination with:

* a PC through direct connection to USB output


In this configuration the OptoJump Kit can be connected to a PC or the Racetime2.
Using the Racetime2 stopwatch makes it possible to perform tests in particularly critical situations, such as tests performed outdoors. All you need to do is to position the two optical bars on the ground, placing them opposite each other up to 3 mt apart (a green led signals that positioning is exact) and connect the dedicated cable to the socket of the Racetime2 stopwatch. All the data acquired during the tests are stored and printed by Racetime2 and can be subsequently transferred to the computer.
As well as the OptoJump program, the Racetime2 stopwatch is equipped with the typical timing programs for the evaluation of sprints, shuttle tests, tests for direction change, etc. Whether or not it is connected to a PC or Racetime2 stopwatch, OptoJump makes it possible to acquire flight and ground-contact times during sequences of jumps in an extremely simple and accurate way. Using a dedicated versatile and easy to use software program, Optojump allows the acquisition of data for the measurement of explosive and elastic force, including the measurement of the reaction times to visual and sound signals. Without resorting to more complicated and invasive analyses, it is thus possible to obtain numerous parameters which characterise the athlete. During the performance of the tests, the trainer has at his/her disposal numerous evaluation indicators such as: number of jumps, contact time, flight time, height in cm, rhythm, specific energy (J/kg), specific power (W/kg), total energy (J), total power (w), etc.

It is also possible to mount OptoJump on a treadmill, placing the bars at the side of the belt. Having noted the speed of the belt, the program takes the contact times, flight times and the step length of the athlete during running.


*  1 TX transmission bar
* 1 RX reception bar
* 1 interface/accumulator for OptoJump NEXT
* 1 OptoJump/Racetime2 battery charger
* 1 connection cable for optical bars (3m)
* 1 USB serial crown cable adaptor
* 1 software for OptoJump
* 1 bag for carrying single OptoJump meter
* 1 Racetime2 stopwatch
* 1 printer for Racetime2 stopwatch
* 1 Racetime2-OptoJump adaptor
* 1 Racetim2-PC data transfer cable.


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