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Product Description

Extreme Modularity for the most innovative diagnostic equipment for Pulmonary Function Testing


Quark PFT has been designed to meet the needs of the modern physician who invests before spending. Whether you need a complete PFT system or a basic configuration to start your own practice Quark PFT can be tailored accordingly. Quark PFT runs full Spirometry, Lung Volumes and Lung Diffusing Capacity. Provided with plenty of options such as Respiratory Mechanics, Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing and Nutritional Assessment.

Upgrade instantly and right in the field your Quark PFT thanks to an innovative “plug and play” technology. Low maintenance costs, no needs of technical expertise and user-friendly software, make Quark PFT the perfect tools for accurate and reliable data in any hospital department or doctor office.

Quark PFT available modules are:

    * Spirometry
    * Lung Volumes
    * Lung Diffusing Capacity
    * Respiratory Mechanics (P0.1, MIP-MEP)
    * Airway Resistance (Rocc/Rint)
    * Forced Oscillation Technique
    * Integrated Dosimeter
    * Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing & Nutritional Assessment

Quark PFT complies with all ATS and ERS recommendations.
Applications: Hospital PFT dept., Large Clinics, Respiratory Care MD Offices.

Technical Characteristics


Quark PFT Software

The operating software designed for Windows XP and compatible with VISTA, provides ease operations through the intuitively designed Windows ™ software.

User-friendly interface, intuitive commands and icons are the perfect tools for fast and reliable data collection in any hospital department or doctor office.

Complete management of patient archive, diagnosis database and clinical reports

Fully custom design and user defined plots, parameters and printout reports Integrated patient database between all PFT modules and products.

Instant test data export in different file formats (Excel, ASCII files)

User-defined parameter and predicted equations

Database of diagnosis

Automatic generation of PDF files according to consistent user-defined file names

Printout batch of multiple tests

Compatible with any LAN running under MS Windows.


Application Fields

Quark PFT is the ideal equipment for applications in Pulmonary Departments, Sport Science, Cardiology and any field where the study of the Cardio-respiratory system is necessary.


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