Spiropalm 6MWT

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The world’s first advanced Six Minute Walk Test with integrated spirometry

Spiropalm 6MWT is a new medical device incorporating the latest design for portable spirometry and a unique tool for the standardized Six-Minute Walk Test (6MWT). The Spiropalm 6MWT provides the customer with a complete testing package with the ability to measure minute ventilation and breathing pattern during walking together with a fully integrated pulse oximeter to monitor SpO2 and HR during the test. Spiropalm 6MWT allows full assessment of ventilation limitation due to dynamic hyperinflation and air trapping in patients with pulmonary disease. Available with USB connection for external printer and PC software for data management of spirometry tests. Fully complies with ATS/ERS guidelines for the 6MWT (2002). Product winner of the 2013 ERS “Product of Outstanding Interest” (POINT) Award.

Truly hand-held device. Compact size and light weight (only 390 gr). Internal memory that can store up to 600 tests/patients. Li-Ion battery with autonomy of up to 6 hours (charging time 2h10).

Enhanced 6MWT test. Turbine flowmeter, connected to a silicone face mask with head cap for measurement of ventilatory parameters. Oxygen saturation monitored by an integrated pulse oximeter (Nonin®).

Powered by OMNIA. Spirometry and 6MWT data can be download directly in OMNIA and spirometry can also performed real-time with software. OMNIA allows intuitive, immediate testing with advanced text interpretation and graphical tools for quick assessment. Includes new standards and predicteds according to latest ATS/ERS guidelines (2005 Consensus, GLI, 202 6MWT, etc).

Pediatric Incentivation. Possibility to perform spirometry test with a selection of innovative pediatric incentivation graphics with user defined effort grade on both volume and flow (both PEF and FVC predicteds).

Validated Digital Turbine Flowmeter. Independently validated turbine flowmeter by LDS Hospital using the ATS 24 standard volume-time waveforms (Crapo R. O. 2004 “Validation of COSMED turbine vs ATS 24 standard volume-time waveforms“).

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