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Tanita BC 532

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These next generation Tanita 'Total Innerscan' body composition monitors utilise the same advanced technology usually found in the professional range of body composition analysers. 
The monitors offer an in-depth insight into your innerhealth. The results can be used to prevent or reduce the risk of certain diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, monitor the impact of diet on your body, track and fine-tune an individual's fitness programme and to help users achieve their desired physique or body shape. 
The Tanita BC-532 has a range of unique features exclusive to the Tanita range of body composition monitors such as visceral fat rating and basal metabolic rate. They also have many of the functions that you have come to expect from the Tanita range including adult and child modes, 4 push button memories and a high weight measuring capacity of 23st 8lb/ 150kg. 
They are made from toughened safety glass and come with batteries included and a 3 year guarantee. Because these scales operate using precision weighing technology, we suggest that they are used on a firm surface (preferably not carpet). As featured on BBC4 Programme 'Edwardian Super Size Me'

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