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Bringing the latest technology in underwater heart rate telemetry

Hosand heart rate telemetry systems monitor athletes' heart rates and display in real time up to 32 athletes simultaneously, sending the wireless signal up to 200 meters (656 feet) where it is displayed on a PC using the Hosand Software. Hosand system is for dry land applications such as for soccer teams and the Hosand Aqua system is the only system in the world that will work in the water with water sports.

Hosand Aqua is the first and only system designed for use in water sports. Swimmers wear a specially designed vest that houses the heart rate chest strap and Hosand transmitter. The vest is hydrodynamic, keeps the HR belt in place when the athlete swims and turns, and houses the radio transmitter that transmits to a PC even while the athlete is under water or swimming the backstroke. The Hosand transmitter is housed in a pouch on the back of the vest (under the Hosand Label on the back). For the first time, Swim Coaches can track their athletes' heart rates in real time and simulteaneously for up to 32 swimmers.

How does it work? The Hosand transmitter catches the athlete's heart rate data from a standard chest strap belt, and sends it in real time to the Hosand receiver and from that to the PC where the Software displays heart rate in real time, stores, analyzes and prints out the data

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