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Service is the key word
The global economy crisis did not influence all the sectors. The crisis in the fitness industry is evident for quite a while. The main reason for that is the constant change of clients’ habbits and market’s passive reaction and lack of innovation.
The client profile (age, needs, buying power), in both fashionable fitness centres and common gyms, has changed.
The owners of the fitness centres know well how expensive it is to find new clients in comparison to keeping the current ones, still the turnover factor in gyms is currently around 50%. One client out of two is “unfaithful”, the one that scrolls from one gym to another, looking for comfortable environment, personalized services, professional instructors capable of putting the client at the centre of the workout.

Our experience
Applying heart rate telemetry, Hosand has revolutionized the relationship between the clients and professionals of fitness. Recently the innovative and unique HOSAND® GT system, designed for personal trainers, has been released.
HOSAND® GT is based on the same technology that constitutes the core of the HOSAND® GT.a heart rate telemetry system for professional sports. Hosand is a technical supplier for Milan Lab.

Technological innovation for fitness
HOSAND® GT is a system that enables fitness professionals like you to set specific goals for and in collaboration with each of your clients, and to devise the most appropriate physical activity program to reach these goals. Quality of work:
goal achieved!

Product Description


With HOSAND® GT you can monitor each person’s heart rate in real time during individual or group physical activity. This means you can make an instant assessment of each client’s internal work, metabolic phases, and any overload which may occur. Efficiency and safety:
goal achieved!

When the session is over, you and your client can assess together the work performed at each session and in the whole program. And you can decide to make any necessary adjustments to your client’s training plan. Personalization:
goal achieved!

HOSAND® GT system comprises: a transmitter, worn by the person to be monitored along with a standard cardio strap which measures the heart rate; a receiver; a synchronization box and the software.
The transmitter intercepts the heart rate measured by the chest strap and sends the data in real time to the receiver, and from here via the synchronization box to the computer. The software processes the data, organizes, displays and prints them with maximum efficiency

Technical Data

Technical Data

• HOSAND® Transmitter
• HOSAND® Receiver with antenna
• HOSAND® Synchronization box
• HOSAND® Software

HOSAND® Transmitter
ImageThe transmitter, attached to a standard cardio chest strap, is powered by a 3V Lithium CR2032 battery. It intercepts the 5kHZ radio signal emitted by the chest strap of a standard heart rate monitor (not included) worn by the subject, memorises the data in an internal Flash memory, re-processing them to the sole purpose of improving their transmission, and then transmits them via radio at a frequency of 433.92 MHz.
The lower and upper heart rate alarm limits preset during synchronisation are continuously checked against the current rate; if these limits are exceeded, a warning beep will sound.
The radio module receiving the signal at 5 kHz and the standard module transmitting at 433.92 MHz are integrated by HOSAND Srl with the other electronic components on a printed circuit.
The transmitter can be attached to the cardio chest strap by a Velcro strip or inserted into a special pouch worn round the neck or sewn into a special vest worn by the subject, depending on the type of activity to be monitored. The indicative maximum distance between the strap and the transmitter shall not exceed 30 cm.

Hosand Transmitter Technical data:
• Power supply: one 3V Lithium CR2032 battery
• Battery life: 2 years (at an average use of one hour a day)
• Alarms: programmable
• Switching on: wireless
• Switching off: wireless; switches off automatically after 20 minutes' inactivity.
• Weight: 50 grams
• Casing material: ABS polymer
• Range: up to 200 meters in optimal environmental conditions
• Dual Mode transmission:
• ogni singolo battito cardiaco (beat to beat -massimo un soggetto);
• every single heartbeat (beat to beat – maximum one subject)
• Standard transmission frequency: 433.92 MHz
• Antenna: integrated
• Interference elimination algorhythm: integrated
• Recording mode:
• Directly onto PC via software
• onto the transmitter itself as back-up memory, in 4-second mode and beat to beat
• can be used without the computer as a data recorder, with the heart-rate monitor strap only.
• External surface cleaning: with a damp cloth


HOSAND® receiver with antenna
Receives the signal emitted by the transmitter, transferring it via cable to the Software installed on the PC (or other device). The receiver is connected to the PC via the Synchronization box cable, which also provides the power supply. The radio receiver module is a standard type.

HOSAND® Synchronisation box
Mounted on the cable connecting the receiver by a 3-pin connector at one end and the PC on the other, via the USB port. Activates the transmitters (to a maximum of 32) and detects the signals arriving from them; data can be downloaded at a later time.


HOSAND®  Synchronisation box technical data:


• connects the receiving antenna to the PC
• switches on, synchronises and switches off the transmitter
• downloads the data fed by the transmitter
• Power supply: via USB port
• Casing material: ABS polymer

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