Artinis Brite Frontal

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A wearable, user-friendly & flexible multi-channel fNIRS device for prefrontal cortex measurements.

  • Measures oxy-, deoxy- and total hemoglobin concentration changes from the prefrontal cortex
  • The multi-power gain control allows to select, automatically or manually, the optimal optical settings for each channel and each participant
  • Optional add-on of short separation channels possible
  • Integrated 9-axis orientation sensor
  • Easy analysis of your data with superior analysis software; OxySoft
  • Bluetooth connection or offline recording with a high sample rate

Main applications are found in:

  • Brain oxygenation monitoring
  • Sports science
  • Cognitive studies
  • Psychological research
  • Hyperscanning, and more

The Brite Frontal is a user-friendly, plug-and-play NIRS device with almost no set up time. It works with multi-wavelength LED’s, giving you continuous and real-time feedback in our data analysis software that is delivered with the system. It comes with a multi-power gain control. This feature enables users to measure at 4 different power levels and

auto-power settings per channel, enabling optimal data quality across a wide range of age, skin color and hair type.

The Brite Frontal provides a fixed optode outlay with an inter-optode distance of 30 mm, optimized for measurements in the pre-frontal brain area. Optionally, two short separation channels can be added to measure from superficial tissue. It weighs only 300 grams in total! This portability in combination with the soft neoprene headband makes monitoring brain oxygenation of elderly, children and vulnerable patients comfortable and easy.

Boundless possibility

Weighing only 300 grams and with almost no set-up time, the Brite Frontal enables studying the prefrontal cortex activation in almost every setting. The Brite Frontal can be used independently or combined with another Brite to perform hyperscanning.

Easy to use

The headband of the Brite Frontal is quickly taken on and off and comfortable. This makes the device user-friendly and suitable for measuring with sensitive participants.

Suitable for any settings

As the device is wireless and wearable, the Brite Frontal enables freedom for both researcher and research participant. It is also optimized with ambient light correction, making it possible to reliably measure prefrontal cortical activity in real-life settings.

Top-notch data quality

The Brite Frontal offers improved data accuracy with a reduced system noise. The dynamic range has been improved, resulting in an increased system sensitivity. Additionally, it’s possible to add two short separation channels (SSC) to improve signal quality and to filter out physiological noise.

The Brite Frontal can be used to measure oxygenation in the prefrontal cortex. Due to its comfort and ease of use, participants are even able to perform physical activities like walking and cycling! This wearability makes monitoring prefrontal brain oxygenation of elderly, children and vulnerable patients comfortable and easy. The device is connected with a long-ranged Bluetooth antenna to the laptop and incorporated with an integrated 9-axis movement sensor to

measure motion data.

All of our devices are bundled with OxySoft. OxySoft is our dedicated software application used to collect, store, view, and analyze all necessary data. This user-friendly software is developed by Artinis and is highly customizable to individual requirements. OxySoft provides in real-time the calculation of oxy-, deoxy-, total hemoglobin and TSI.

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