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One-of-a-kind wearable & customisable 8-channel fNIRS.

8 channel portable fNIRS device optimized for prefrontal measurement.

Measures oxy-, deoxy- and total hemoglobin in a non-invasive and truly portable way.

  • 8 high quality measurement channels
  • Truly portable brain oxygenation monitoring
  • Virtually no set-up time
  • Non-invasively & Continuously
  • In the lab and in the field
  • Without the need for special infrastructure
  • Without specially trained personnel
  • Hyperscanning
  • Available for adult & children
  • Short separation channel applicable

Main applications are found in:

  • Brain oxygenation monitoring
  • Sports science
  • Functional studies
  • Cerebral studies
  • Hyperscanning
  • Both inside and outside the lab

The OctaMon research package makes monitoring oxygenation easy and accessible. Hyperscanning (monitoring multiple subjects at the same time) is also possible with the OctaMon, while our software provides the ability to combine different NIRS devices within one data stream. The subjects are able to perform physical activities like walking

or running, while the device is connected to Bluetooth (up to 100 meters range) to the laptop.

The OctaMon is ideally suited to investigate cognitive functions, especially during dual tasking (for example combined with driving or walking). The prefrontal brain regions are in particular studied in working memory or attention tasks, but is also of particular interest for studying neuropathological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease or ADHD. This is because of its strong interconnection with deeper brain regions, such as the basal ganglia. The headband covers a large area of the brain so it could also be used for detecting epileptic seizures. The OctaMon has a very comfortable

headband and flat optodes to maximize comfort.

For all other measurements, we have the OctaMon+ that has been optimized to measure through hair. It has a head cap covering the complete brain so give you maximum freedom on where you want to place the optodes. This is

commonly the visual, motor or parietal cortex. But of course, it does not need to be limited to this!

All of our devices are bundled with OxySoft. OxySoft is our dedicated software application used to collect, store, view, and analyze all necessary data from the OxyMon. This user-friendly software is developed by Artinis and highly customizable to individual requirements. OxySoft provides in real-time the calculation of oxy-, deoxy-, total hemoglobin and TSI.

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