Artinis PortaLite MKII

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Light, easy to use and truly portable.

Measures on brain, muscle, or both of local oxy-, deoxy- and total hemoglobin concentration changes and tissue

saturation index (TSI).

  • Applicable on frontal brain and muscle tissue
  • Fast set up time
  • Built-in short separation channels to measure both deep and superficial tissue
  • Real-time online or offline recording with a high sampling rate (up to 100 Hz) and large battery longevity
  • On-board event button to easily mark events
  • Integrated movement sensor possibility
  • Can be used with one or two sensors

Main applications are found in:

  • Sports science
  • Functional studies
  • Hypoxia studies
  • Clinical studies
  • Neuroscience studies
  • Rehabilitation studies, and more

The PortaLite MKII can be used to measure brain and muscle oxygenation non-invasively in daily life scenarios using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS). The flexible sensors optimally fit onto curved areas, such as the head or rounded muscles. It is highly portable, easy to use and provides almost no set-up time. Due to light weight, possibility to perform offline measurement, and battery longevity of up to 35 hours, it cannot only be used in the lab, but also on the field performing physical activities. Therefore, the PortaLite MKII offers a huge range of application areas, including functional studies, sports science, and clinical and rehabilitation studies and many others.

Built-in short separation channels

High data quality is crucial to acquire results that can be trusted on. Next to three channels, the PortaLite MKII contains three short separation channels with decreased receiver-transmitter distance. Short separation channels can be used to improve signal quality of the data.

Dual sensor configuration

The standard PortaLite MKII package comes with two sensors included. Containing two sensor connection possibilities per control unit, the PortaLite MKII offers the opportunity to use one or two sensors at the same time. This leads to maximum flexibility in choice of application. Both brain sides, different muscles, or brain and muscle simultaneously - measurement possibilities are unlimited!

6-axis motion sensor

It is possible to add Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), also known as motion sensor, in the PortaLite MKII by request. The built-in gyroscope and accelerometer can be used to easily acquire position and orientation movement data in real-time. Within our software OxySoft, movement and NIRS data are synchronized. In addition, using the motion sensor significantly simplifies removal of movement artifacts. Adding the motion data enhances measurement possibilities for your research.

Measures oxy-, deoxy-, total hemoglobin, & TSI

The PortaLite MKII can show not only relative changes in hemoglobin concentrations, but also absolute value of oxygen saturation in local tissues in real-time. It provides six channels to measure relative changes in oxy- deoxy- and total hemoglobin. Additionally, it measures the absolute value of oxygenated hemoglobin as tissue saturation index (TSI). This makes it the ideal device to reliably measure tissue or brain oxygenation in research.

Perfect for both brain and muscle tissue

Stick the PortaLite MKII to the forehead or muscle tissue of interest and start measuring. It is that easy!

Limitless device range

The offline measurement feature enables performing measurement outside your Bluetooth range. This perfectly allows for capturing data during physical activity, such as running or cycling, in any terrain, from mountains to forests. The data you have acquired offline can easily and directly be loaded in our software OxySoft for further analysis.

All of our devices are bundled with OxySoft. OxySoft is our dedicated software application used to collect, store, view, and analyze all necessary data. This user-friendly software is developed by Artinis and is highly customizable to individual requirements. OxySoft provides in real-time the calculation of oxy-, deoxy-, total hemoglobin and TSI.

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