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End-to-end system for remotely supervised home-based multi-channel tES clinical investigations.

Starstim-Home tES is not only the first multi-channel tES device prepared for use in the home environment. It is a complete platform designed with the best practices for eHealth safety and accessibility in mind. This allows your study subjects to participate from their homes using advanced multi-channel montage protocols while you have a real-time view of the entire process.

Reliable Remote Management of even Large Home Studies

Starstim-Home tES is the only available solution in which your research team gets to manage the whole study from one place. The institutional web-based dashboard allows you to add subjects, assign home kits, schedule sessions, and is suitable for double-blinding. What you schedule appears on the subject's home tablet; the progress your participants make is updated in real-time in your dashboard and your email inbox.

Unparalleled Home-based tES Safety

As the researcher, with our home solution you have full remote access control of the system. Dynamically schedule sessions of chosen duration at chosen times and the home tablet software will enable the user to initiate the session. The home software interface will initiate the programmed stimulation session only if an impedance check is passed, and real-time impedance measurements will be delivered in real time to your institutional database.

A Unique Experience for Home Users

The Home kit includes a tablet for visual guidance through the treatment sessions and matches high accessibility standards. Additionally, it contains a color-coded headcap and electrode holders to simplify the montage preparation process. The home user has access to schedule information, instructions on device preparation and maintenance, and lists the steps to follow in case of any hardware or compliance issues. The tablet interface is language configurable by the researcher for English, German, or French users.

Multi-channel Programmable Precise tES

Our easy-to-use software interface allows you to design protocols that can then be remotely deployed and scheduled for home users. Stimulate with fully parameterizable tDCS, tACS and tRNS waveforms for your bipolar, high-definition (e.g., 4x1) or with up to 8-electrodes. Customize the headcap electrodes positioning using the 10-10 system with tools for hole-punching and color-coding.

eHealth Standard for Quality of Data Security & Transfer

The Starstim-Home system integrates state-of-the-art methods for securing storage and communication between components from device, to tablet, to treatment database, to web interface. This guarantee’s reliability of treatment schedule and device function at all times, strictly as prescribed by institutional members authorized in the Neuroelectrics® Portal.

Integrations for Questionnaires, Telehealth, and Behavioral Treatment Research

We provide a framework for extending your treatment session workflow ensuring the complete solution fulfills safety and usability standards. You can add pre- and post-stimulation questionnaires as well as integrate video calls. Under additional request, our product team is ready to support you with building customized solutions including behavioral tasks integration.

Lifetime Customer Support & Multiple Warranty Options

By acquiring Starstim-Home tES, you become part of the Neuroelectrics® family. We will take care of you and your devices with free lifetime customer support and one-on-one expert assistance. With our Gold Warranty option, you get 5 years of coverage for your device and a unique temporary device replacement service.

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